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About Aliway Productions

Finding Inspiration In Being Alive

With over 50 years of experience in the production industry some things will never change!  Yes, technology has changed, but there is no substitution for experience when telling a story and informing an audience!  That's the Aliway...

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Our Story

Thomas Ali formed Alway productions in the 1970's.  Coming from an entertainment background Thomas brings a wealth of production experience to his clients and their audiences.  Ali's recent formed partnership with Mike Smith has taken the company to new heights.  In fact, all the music you hear in Aliway Productions is performed and arranged by Mike.  In the Fallen Angel Theme, all the instruments and vocals on 50+ tracks have been produced in the Aliway studios.  All music tracks played by Mike Smith...  a true "one man band"!  Visit our stage show and bio here with this link.


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